Where is maintenance free caster wheels required?

Comfort Castors c0a9c979b8a9447e8f30aaa2a9d5ef29 Where is maintenance free caster wheels required?

Many a caster wheel manufacturers in India relies on heavy duty caster wheels to do the job for various industries. Now, that itself may not solve the issue with those businesses and industries which rely on maintenance free caster wheels. A lot of industries which rely on shifting heavy loads from one place to another, and which cannot afford much downtime, find the need to use maintenance free castor wheels in their operations.

The Maintenance free Design

Caster maintenance turns out to be a hassle because it takes up a lot of time and is costly. If the design is such that the maintenance part is done away with, the production output of the company will not be hampered at all with routine tasks like tightening and greasing. Maintenance free casters are kingpin less type of castors, which all together remove the most frequent reason for castor failure, which is riveted type of castors. Our Forge master and Hercules range of casters offer maintenance free service to the operator.

Ease of use
Maintenance free castors are also quite ergonomic in design, and this means that the trolley or rack in question will require the least minimum force to be set in motion, even when the caster wheels are not properly aligned. Swivel caster wheels imply that much less force is needed to stop, turn or maneuver. This makes it much easier for the workers in a facility, for example a logistics company that sees goods moving in and out of the premises all the time. Productivity is boosted and time is also saved.

Design is of highest quality

No effort is spared to ensure that the design of maintenance free casters is of the highest quality. Extreme precision is the hallmark, and this ensures a very long life of all components of the caster wheel. The raceways are CNC machined so there is little or no space for vibrations, which may misalign the parts. The consistent performance of maintenance free casters make it a must have for industries like aviation, automotive, warehousing, and shipping among others.

A round tread
Maintenance free casters typically have a round tread which assists to minimize friction. The tread design assists in expunging debris out of the path and this does away with damage, ensuring a long life.

These features of maintenance free castors make it highly valuable in industries like logistics, shipping, medicine, warehousing and construction, where time is of the essence with little or no room for error.

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