A Complete Buying Guide for Caster Wheel Replacement

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A Complete Buying Guide for Caster Wheel Replacement

If it comes to caster wheels purchase, there is a wider range of interesting variations to consider for a replacement. From different diameters and multiple varieties in materials to all the features and functions for your selection, it is challenging to choose the most perfect type. This blog is a quick guide to shift through the available options and choose the perfect model for your replacement needs.

Firstly, you need to know about the important factors worth considering for a purchase. The perfect choice is based on 5 crucial factors.

Mounting Option: You can choose from three styles of mount – stem, threadpin and plate. When looking for a stem caster wheel replacement, you must make sure that the stem is as same as the present one. For the plate type, the dimension and type of the bolt holes should match.

Type of Material: With so many varieties available, the task of selection is likely to be overwhelming. Nylon & high grade PU are suitable for industrial use while TPE & TPR are used for smooth surfaces & noiseless movement.

Wheel Diameter: Wheel diameter usually ranges from 2-8 inches. The caster wheels with larger diameters can roll easily. You also need to consider the height of the load carrying equipment when choosing the diameter of the castor wheel.

Load Capacity: This factor is one of the most important features when using the castor wheel. If your total load is x, choose a castor wheel which can carry 1.3x the load to avoid any injury to the worker as it provides easy rollabilty and also gives a longer life to the installed castors.

Additional Features: You can choose from swivel, fix or brake type options. If you are using a small trolley, you can use two fix and two swivel type castors. For a bigger dimension trolley, you may have to use two swivels at the front, two brakes at the back and two fix types in the middle of the trolley.


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