How to prevent Castors from damaging your Floor


Castor Wheels are meant to reduce human effort and increase shop floor efficiency. However, if the right castor wheel is not used or castors are not used properly it may result in heavily damaging your floor, which can result in accidents, reduction in work efficiency and loss of money. Thus, it is very important to […]

Select the right Caster Wheels for Industrial and Commercial Purpose

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Caster wheel is an excellent engineering tool which when attached under any equipment makes transport of heavy load from one place to another easier. This combination find lot of use in hand trucks, airport trolleys, towline conveyor belts and other carts used in manufacturing and distribution facilities of an industry. According to manufacturers of caster […]

Advantages of Heavy-Duty Casters

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Caster wheels are added to different types of objects to facilitate movement. For instance, when you attach casters to shopping trolleys, furniture, toolboxes and kitchen equipment, it becomes easier to move them from one location to another. Below, take a sneak-peak at some of the advantages of heavy duty casters. The Benefits of Heavy Duty […]