Select the right Caster Wheels for Industrial and Commercial Purpose

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Select the right Caster Wheels for Industrial and Commercial Purpose

Caster wheel is an excellent engineering tool which when attached under any equipment makes transport of heavy load from one place to another easier. This combination find lot of use in hand trucks, airport trolleys, towline conveyor belts and other carts used in manufacturing and distribution facilities of an industry.

According to manufacturers of caster wheel in USA, when you set yourself on the task of caster wheel selection, many factors have to be taken under consideration. It is important to select right kind of caster wheels in order to get maximum mobility and work efficiency and minimal stress.

1. First and foremost factor to be taken under consideration while selecting the caster wheel is the environment in which the wheel will be used. If you are going to use it in the presence of corrosive substances such as acid then it will be advisable to go for steel or polyurethane wheels. Industrial casters manufacturers in USA tell, though rubber wheels are quite popular but they are not apt for being used in corrosive environment.

2. Another important factor to be considered is the nature of work to be taken from caster wheels. According to aviation industry casters manufacturers in USA, drop forged castors are ideal for handling heavy industrial applications. On the other hand if you are into warehouse or large scale retail operations then cold forged casters will be a good choice for you. In case of institutional applications such as food equipment, medical equipment, furniture and electronics, light to medium duty caster wheels are the right selection.

3. According to experts at automotive industry casters manufacturers, it is very important to select a caster with maximum load capacity specifications. Only then you will be able to know the right caster and wheel combination for your purpose.

4. Floor conditions also play an important role in selection of caster wheels. It will be interesting to note that hard caster wheels work well on smooth and plain surface while soft caster wheels are ideal for rocky and uneven surface. Apart from that presence of rails, gutters and other obstacles also effect the selection. It is always advisable to select large and soft caster wheels on rocky floor with all kind of obstructions.

5. Special condition like selecting caster wheels for hospitals where extra care for safety has to be taken. Places that require frequent washing needs stainless steel wheels.

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