The Advantages of Polyutherane Castors

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The Advantages of Polyutherane Castors

Polyutherane castors are a very popular wheel tread choice for industrial wheels and for good reason too. They can either be used in castor wheel applications or as drive wheel applications.

Here are some big advantages of these castors;
Reduction in noise
Polyutherane wheels are preferred in industrial applications because they operate noiselessly as compared to metal or steel, which are much harder and produce loud noises. Polyutherane also acts as a shock absorber, helping to cushion rides and bumps from terrain that is not even. Employees can work without disturbing sounds of metal wheels in such environments.

High load bearing capacity
Polyutherane wheels are preferred over runner ones for their greater load-bearing capacities. Polyutherane offers a higher load bearing capability while also giving the same advantages as rubber tread like shock absorption, noise reduction and protection of floors.

Coefficient of Friction
Polyutherane has a medium co-efficient of friction. This translates to it being a highly grippy material which positively helps keeping carts the right side up. Harder wheel materials tend to slide if there is smoothness of the floor, but not polyutherane wheels. Greater amounts of traction are provided to drive wheels and this reduces the high load on the wheels.

Floor protection
Polyutherane castor wheels are preferred in those applications where the floor condition has to be maintained. Polyutherane deflects and creates a bigger footprint compared to other hard materials like nylon. The larger area will assist to reduce the concentration of stress on floors and help to maintain their even condition for a much longer period of time, no matter the amount of load.

Corrosion Resistance
There are a vast number of polyutherane based materials that have different levels of resistance to corrosive chemicals, different solvents and also water. If the environment is humid and wet as often they are, polyutherane is a wise choice because it will not corrode or break down in the presence of water over prolonged periods.

If you are looking for top castors wheel manufacturers in india, trolley wheels manufacturers in indiaou heavy duty castors wheels in india then polyutherane castor wheels might just be the solution for your needs. Their resistance to corrosion, tendency to protect floors and reduction in operating noise are all favorable to a working environment with the least amount of downtime due to repairs or faulty castor wheels. Polyutherane castor wheels are definitely a good option to explore if you want the best efficiency.

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