Does Castor Wheel diameter Matter ?

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Castor wheel comes in a wide range of diameters and it is always a riddle for the final consumer as to what is the right diameter of caster for my applications. Today we look at various sizes available in the market and their suitable application so that anybody can look at the below points and chose the right size.

Firstly, to chose the right diameter, we need to correctly assess the total load on the equipment. We also need to take the safety quotient into consideration, which is about 30%.

So, if your total load requirement is 1000 kg, then chose a caster wheel with total capacity of at least 1300 kg. When you have finalized on your load requirement, then you can chose the right diameter required.

Lets discuss each available diameter and its maximum load

  1. 2” diameter: A 2” castor can easily support upto 150 kg load and is best suited for all light duty applications like kitchen trolleys, medical equipment trolleys, light furniture etc
  2. 5” diameter: This castor is can support upto 200 kg and used in similar applications as above but with some more load
  3. 3” diameter: A 75 mm castor is classified both in light and medium duty applications. A 3” x 1” is a light duty castor whereas a 3” x 1.5” castor is a medium heavy duty caster
  4. 4” diameter: 4” castors fall under medium duty applications and support upto maximum of 400-500 kg load. These are mainly used in industrial applications as height of the castor may not be suitable for institutional use.
  5. 5” diameter: This size is mostly used in medical industry as it is most suitable for hospital beds. It supports a load of maximum 500 kg
  6. 6” diameter: A 6” castor comes in various forms and can support loads from 750 kg to 1500 kg. 6” castor is most suitable for heavy duty industrial applications and is one of the best selling size in the caster wheel industry.
  7. 8” diameter: The 8” size castor also comes in various forms. The 8” rubber caster is mostly used in wastebin industry. The 8” PU castor is used in heavy duty and scaffolding casters. The 8” CI PU casters is used in very heavy duty industrial applications and can support loads upto 1000 kg/ castor.

As you can see from the above information, in order to chose the right diameter, customer should first know his right load requirement and then go ahead. If you want to consult our team before buying the right castor wheel for your requirement, please email us at


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